Social distancing for stores reopening on the 15th June / social-distancing in stores

Social Distancing Rules for UK Shops

If you are anticipating the re-opening of your business, you will need to be aware of the current social distancing rules. All non-essential businesses will be able to re-open from Monday 15th of June across the UK, but we are not safe from Coronavirus yet! If you own a business, it is your responsibility and duty to uphold the current social distancing rules and ensure the safety of not only yourself but your staff and customers. Let’s look at the current government guidelines relating to the on-going pandemic and discover ways in which you can stop the spread of Covid_19.

Limit the Number of Customers in Store

Coronavirus is an airborne virus, which means it is easily spread through the air. When a person with Coronavirus coughs, sneezes or is within close proximity to another person, the virus can spread. Tiny airborne pathogens travel through the air or land on surfaces. A shop floor can quite quickly become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and viruses. One way to maintain a hygienic business is to limit the number of customers in a store. A global pandemic can trigger panic buying, and there is no doubt that people are looking forward to shopping after being in lockdown for several weeks. So, as a retailer, you need to limit the number of customers entering your store at any given point. This will help you to uphold the 2-metre rule too, as you’re providing customers and staff space inside the shop to keep others at a distance. There are two ways to control the number of people in your shop.
To read the full government social distancing guidelines: Working Safely During Covid_19 Shops and Branches

Hire Extra Staff During a Pandemic

To monitor queues and control the flow of customers in and out of your shop, you can hire additional members of staff. A friendly face outside your shop, reminding people of the on-going pandemic and keeping an eye of the number of people entering your business is a good idea. However, this can be expensive for a struggling business. To hire a member of staff in the UK on minimum wage you would expect to pay around £8.20 an hour. On a monthly basis, this might cost you £1,200.

H3: Harbour the power of technology for Social Distancing
On the other hand, you could invest in technology and save money. For a one-off investment of around £1.199,- you could buy an electronic access column which displays a traffic light system, telling customers when it’s OK to enter your store. This smart device automatically keeps tracks of the number of visitors entering and leaving your shop and indicates when more customers can enter, or when they must patiently queue outside.
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Enforce the 2 Metre Rule

To uphold the 2-metre rule when re-opening your business, you can use floor markers to give customers a visual reminder of how far they should be from another person. You can also install an arrow system to guide customers around your shop and make sure no-one is clogging up the aisles. Customers and staff should also ideally wear a face mask.



Hand Sanitiser Stations - Shop Floor Social Distancing

It’s important to give customers the opportunity to clean their hands and sanitise their shopping trolley and basket. Coronavirus can also live on surfaces for up to 48 hours, and if you happen to touch a surface that is contaminated and you touch your mouth, nose or eyes, you risk making yourself critically ill. Have trolley cleaning stations at the front of your business and hand sanitisers at both the entrance and exit of your business to encourage customers to wash their hands.

Second Wave - Coronavirus Pandemic

Allowing UK businesses to re-open is key to supporting the economy, but this may cause a second wave of the virus. There is certainly pressure on UK retailers to uphold the 2-metre rule in-store and ensure there are enough places to sanitise hands and high-touch surfaces. To harbour the power of technology to maintain in-store social distancing, visit EntryGuard.