UK tourism and social distancing needs / case study

We recently installed our traffic light pillar technology in some of Amsterdam’s most famous theatres to help them to enforce social distancing measures and welcome back tourists and we are now helping UK business to do the same. Saving businesses time and money, EntryGuard technology allows you and your business to comply with social distancing regulations without needing to employ additional staff to monitor the number of people going into and exiting your business. This is key during a global epidemic where distance between staff and customers helps to stop the spread of infection. How can EntryGuard save UK tourism during a global epidemic?

UK Tourism & Social Distancing Needs

Tourism contributes £106 billion to the British economy & GDP and supports 2.6 million jobs. Some of the UK’s national parks and beauty spots such as the Lake District and Cornwall have been hit the hardest with hundreds left jobless and businesses being forced to close due to the lack of tourists. However, there is still hope for UK tourism. If theatres, cinemas and restaurants are able to adhere to strict social distancing rules in the UK, monitoring the number of people entering and exiting their attractions and tourist facilities, they can welcome tourists back once again. Thanks to technologies such as EntryGuard, UK tourism can thrive again while maintaining social distancing measures.

Tourism attractions & Entry Guard Solutions

Our expert team at EntryGuard have recently helped a number of major theatres in Amsterdam with European social distancing regulations. The simple yet highly effective traffic light column enables theatres, cinemas, museums and attractions to monitor and track the number of tourists and customers entering and exiting their bathroom facilities. As the technology uses a universally recognised traffic light system, tourists from around the world will be able to easily understand the social distancing technology. The green light welcomes people in, but when the column signals red, you have reached the maximum number of guests and customers will be alerted to wait patiently outside.

This social distancing technology. is a fantastic and smart addition for theatres, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls and even public bathrooms across the UK. With a simple plug and play system, the EntryGuard column is helping UK tourism safely welcome locals and tourists back, saving jobs, supporting the local economy and helping life move forward after the global epidemic.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how EntryGuard can help your UK tourist attraction with social distancing regulations, contact our team today.

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